Thursday, April 12, 2007

Belle Epoque Socks

So, I loved Knitty's Belle Epoque. I even made one. I got this exquisite hand dyed mohair blend. It was all these lovely variegated earth tones. Now, I'm not a small girl. Like, AT ALL. I finished my beautiful garment, with lovingly picked out ribbon. It was exquisite, it was perfect. I blocked it. I tried it on. The lovely variegated browns, and fuzzy yarn, and loose fit of the garment, made me look like a Wookie. With mange.
I was heartbroken, because, of course, the yarn wouldn't even rip out, and it was $124 of handdyed splendor, that was now utterly useless. It sits, in the back of my closet, unworn, forever.
I really liked doing the crocus bud stitch pattern though. I had seen it in a few stitch pattern books, and liked it, and I had loved doing it, and the way it looked with the 1x1 ribbing. So, I figured, why not use another gloriously handdyed yarn, and use the same stitch, and make socks? Socks can't make you look like Bigfoot.

The Crocus Bud pattern can be found here

2 skeins Apple Laine Apple Pie yarn in "Carnival"
size 2 needles

Cast on 60 stitches. Work in 1x1 ribbing for 12 rounds.

Next Rnd: K1, P1, knit to last 3 stitches, P1, K1, P1

Keeping these five stitches in ribbing, begin round 1 of Crocus Bud Pattern.
Work ankle for 9 repeats of pattern, keeping those five center back stitches ribbed.

Begin heel:
Knit 15, turn
Purl 31, turn
I did the first two rows in stockinette, so the pattern stitch wouldn't get distorted.
Work across these 31 stitches in garter stitch (either slipping the edge stitch or keeping it in garter, whichever you like for a heel flap) till there are 8 ridges on the right side. I like a VERY shallow heel flap, and then a turned heel. You can of course, also substitute your own favorite heel.
RS: Knit 30, wrap and turn
WS: Knit 29, W+T
RS: Knit 27, W+T
WS: Knit25, W+T
work back and forth, losing two stitches every time, till there are only 5 stitches left unwrapped in the middle.
Knit 6, picking up the wrap as you come to it, W+T
Knit 7, picking up the wrap as you come to it, W+T
Knit 9, picking up wraps, W+T
Knit 11, picking up wraps, W+T
continue on wrapping and turning, knitting up two wraps each time, till you get back to the last wrapped stitch on the right side of the heel, knit it up, pick up 10 stitches along the side of the heel flap, work across the foot in Crocus Bud Pattern, pick up 10 stitches along other side of heel flap, pick up last wrap, knit to center of heel.
Work one round even, keeping your instep in pattern, then begin decreasing at the end of needle 1 and beginning of needle 4 every other row until you get rid of those extra 10 stitches, again, maintaining your instep Crocus Budpattern.

Work the foot till desired length (I did 18 pattern repeats for my huge feet), then knit one round

Begin toe:
I used a round toe, and did mirrored toes for each foot.
*Knit 8, K2tog* around
Knit a round
*Knit 7, K2tog* around
Knit a round
so forth and so on till 6 stitches remain, run the yarn end through those six stitches and weave in ends

*SSK, Knit 8* around
Knit a round
*SSK, Knit 7* around
Knit a round
so forth and so on till 6 stitches remain, run the yarn end through those six stitches and weave in ends



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Yum! My favorite yarn in my favorite color. Used it for ISE3. Will have to get more so I can try out your pattern. Looks lovely.

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