Friday, August 18, 2006

Pattern the first

Here we go, first posted pattern. This pattern is usable only by people willing to swear that Brenna, pictured below, is one of the world's cutest little girls.

Baby boat neck, 3/4 sleeve pullover

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pullover with lap shoulder and slit cuffs. I knit this in the round up to the armholes, then divided for front and back.

Materials: Approximately 2 oz MC sport-weight yarn, small amount CC sport weight.

Size 3 and size 5 16" circular needles and dpns for sleeves and necklines

Gauge: I did this at 20 sts/ 4 in. with larger needles. Sized for 3-6 months


CO 92 sts on size 3 circulars with CC, join into circle and work knit one purl one ribbing for five rows.

Switch to MC and larger needles; work in stockinette till piece measures 4 1/2 inches. Divide for armholes.

On front: Bind off 3 stitches at the beginning of the next 4 rows (so 6 sts each side, total). Work even for 5 rows, then increase one stitch each side, next two rows. Work even for another five rows. I used short rows for the neckline rather than binding off. As follows:

Row 1: Knit across 11 stitches, turn

Row 2+4: Purl across

Row 3: Knit across 13 stitches, picking up wrapped stitch as you come to it, turn

Row 5: Knit to end

Row 6: Purl back 11 sts, turn

Row 7+9: Knit across

Row 8: Purl 13 stitches, picking up wrapped stitch as you come to it, turn

Row 10: Purl across

Switch to CC and smaller needles, work 5 rows K1,P1 rib, bind off

On Back: As front until increases, then work another 10 rows, not 5. Short row for neckline same as front.

Overlap ribbed edging at shoulders (to make a lap shoulder). Sew down.


Around armhole edge, pick up 2 from overlapped shoulder,18 sts front, 18 sts back, and two more from overlapped shoulder. Start of rnd is at top center

Rnds 1-5: Knit

Rnd 6: K 16, K2tog, SSK, K 16

Rnds 7-12: Knit

Rnd 13: K 15, K2 tog, SSK, K15

Rnds 14-21: Knit

Rnd 22: K 14, K2tog, SSK, K 14

Rnds 23-30: Knit

Switch to smaller dpns, and CC, work 5 rows back and forth in K1P1 rib with a 3 st I-cord border (to make slit). Bind off. Repeat on other side.

Weave in ends, block as desired.

This pattern is for your own personal use only, and so forth and so on.

Just like all the other sheeple...........

... I too will have a blog
So I heard a song on the radio the other day. Can't remember the song, BUT one phrase from it caught in my mind.... "What is your everything, what are you living and dying for?". And of course, first thing you start listing is all the things that are important to you, all the things that you WOULD die for. This ideal, that religion, my lover, my family, my country etc etc etc. But see, that wasn't the question. It was what ARE you living and dying for. So I started being introspective and attempting to look for a real answer. I looked at every action I had, every thought that crossed my mind, every word that passed my lips, and the reasons for each one. I didn't like the actuality of what I was living each day for. Then I did the same thing with my craft. I have been floudering, not really knitting or crocheting or spinning or crafting at all much lately. I thought, WHAT am I crafting for? Do I still want the fiber farm and farm store life I've been selling myself as a dream for years? Do I want a yarn store at all? If not, why am I still in this darn business?
I've always wanted to design, be a real live published knitting designer. Have I taken any steps to getting there, even putting freebie patterns up on a blog? NOPE! So, here, I will take STEP ONE to getting to be a real designer, whatever that means, and figuring out what I am crafting for. I will post free patterns as I get around to writing them up from the finished item. Please forgive my lack of patternwriting skills, I'll go ahead and ask in advance.